Date: 2002-10-22
Time: 11:30 a.m.

dunkin donuts needs to get their shit together. right now I'm drinking the largest hot coffee they offer, a 24 ounce size. the problem, see, is that in order to get this coffee, you have to call it by its' dunkin' donuts brand name, which is 'The Great One'. this is terminally retarded. I have tried asking for just 'large', 'the largest you have', 'x-large', et cetera, but the troglodyte staff just serves up their standard large in response to any of that. I don't like going up first thing in the morning and saying 'The Great One' to get 4 more ounces of fucking coffee, and I don't want to be all condescending and obnoxious and use air-quotes or some other irritating postmodern speech device to distance myself from the inane terminology. bleah. so yeah fuck you, dunkin' donuts. fix it.

anyway yeah. tonight I will not sleep. instead, I will just work. it's going to suck bigtime, but no one said life was a rose garden, right? right. so hey yeah. tomorrow really should see the beginning of the end of all this work retardo shit. I should take a picture of my office wall and post it so you can see how bad it is: there are about 50 18x24" sheets of paper torn viscerally off of a sketchpad, thumbtacked to the wall, and scrawled all over with red and black marker. everyone who comes in here for the first time sort of looks at it and gasps. I'm all like, "yeah that's the website", yeahyeah.

bleah. I have the following things to say about death cab for cutie:

  • their music makes me want to have a long and meaningful relationship with someone just so it can all end in tears and I can drink maker's mark while crying and listening to it.
  • despite this, the topical similarity of their name with the robin williams movie 'death to smootchie' has left my internal perceptions of the two horribly conflaited, so like when I hear them I imagine that all of their songs are sung by ed norton in a rhino suit.

...anyway there you have it. off to smoke several packs of cigarettes and finish up my code shit. word to you and all of yours, yeah.