Date: 2003-06-02
Time: 1:07 p.m.

you know what's dope? ok you won't think it's dope, cuz you're not a total fucking dork like I am. but anyway here's what I think is dope: type the most insane complex sql query into microsoft sql query analyzer and instead of hitting F5, like you always do to execute it, type ctrl-L, which gives you this zany fucking diagram of the 'query plan', and it has all this bizarro math shit about what the fucking computer actually has to go through to do your bidding. it rules utterly and completely. how can you not love phrases like 'hash match' and 'clustered index seek'? it's crap like this that makes me not hate being a dork. yes.

yeah. so I got a copy of 'rememberance of things past' this weekend for 25 bucks in the bklyn bookstore. it's three volumes, and each volume in its own right could beat up 'infinite jest'. but I don't think I can hack through that shit till like fall, at the latest. laura dropped about 10 tons of 'summer reading' 'contemporary fiction' type books that she stole years ago when she worked at barnes + noble. so there's that, yeah. but then later, when people ask me what I'm doing, I get to be like "I'm reading proust" in a sort of grave and serious voice. maybe I can pratice arching one eyebrow to be maximally offensive with my pretension, yeah. word.

ok enough. now I'm smoking. then I eat cheese. then I go pay 2000 bucks to get my car unfucked, for the LAST TIME, afterwhich I will sell it. yeah so if you want to buy a car email me and I'll sell you one. word the fuck up. yes.