Date: 2003-06-24
Time: 8:26 p.m.

if I don't get a fucking cigarette and a fucking cup of coffee soon I'm going to go stark raving mad. it's ridiculous. go ahead and laugh at me, but at the same time, just be grateful your healthy forebrain isn't held in shackles by the same cruel forces that apparently govern mine. I swear to god I will throw things soon. it's just not fair.

it's way too hot, you see. and I have almost no food and negative dollars. I got mugged in bklyn last weekend, and as such I am out a cellfone, an implement which I"d assuredly be employing right now to beg people for cigarettes and coffee, would that I had one.

what else sucks. hrm. I just had an interview with a dude I think I will be working with on a freelance basis. this, actually, does not suck at all, and in fact it's great, cuz it could provide money I could use on food, coffee, cigarettes, etc. but yeah the whole thing unfortunately leaves me in a shitty mental state cuz I spent the last 24h. on-and-off working my portfolio, and that was kind of draining and also intolerably free of over-the-counter alkaloidal stimulatnts.

also things are maybe kind of funny with laura. at least I can safely say that she has the best eye EVER. which eye is it, you may ask? it's whichever one I've stuffed my face into at the moment of inquiry. sadly, tho, laura and her magnificient eye are in another state, so that sucks too.

also everyone else has more friends(tm) on friendster(tm) than I do. jesse even made friends(tm) with a Giant Squid. how the fuck can I possibly top that? I can't. I. just. can't.

so yeah. if you're anywhere even remotely near troy new york, I dare you to come over here and forcibly innoculate me with coffee and cigarettes. I DARE YOU. otherwise I'll be reading a book and trying to pretend that the entire freaking universe does not in any way exist. thankyou and goodnight.