Date: 2003-06-30
Time: 12:43 p.m.

yeah so now you can bid on my personal shit:

... and I urge those of you reading with volumous amounts of spare money to do so repeatedly. also I think it's funny that the way their "image hosting" makes the picture gallery up so that all the buttons say "supersize image" as if this were some kind of fast food establishment.

speaking of fast food establishments: don't read that book "fast food nation". it doesn't matter if you don't really eat fast food all that much, you'll still puke. also it's a bit misleadingly high-minded... kinda the opposite of 'the jungle', about which mr. sinclair said "I was aiming at the nation's heart, and I hit their stomachs" (or some similar thing)... this guy clearly is aiming for the heart VIA the stomach, also taking in your eusophagus and other stuff. bleah.

and furthermore. there was a silverfish in my apartment the other day. I really think anything with more than 8 legs is superfulous and a crime against nature. two legs (e.g. human being): ok. four legs (e.g. dog, giraffe, other animals): great. six legs (e.g. ant): sure. fine. whatever. eight (e.g. spider): JUST FINE (cuz they eat the other ones) but after that NO. FUCK YOU GUYS. double bleah.

anyway. there you have it. people are coming over tonight to watch 'punch drunk love', which I recently acquired an MPAA-endorsed digital copy of. come on over but bring booze. wordup.