Date: 2003-07-25
Time: 1:07 p.m.

I was up till 6:30 last night. I watched this movie 'spirited away'. d/led yesterday on a whim and I threw it in at like 3, fully intending to watch 5min or so and then crash out. contrarily, it captivated the everliving shit out of me. I totally cried and shit. go on, laugh. I'm not usually that type of guy but there you have it. yeah. if you have kids I highly advise that you screen it for them cuz I wish I'd seen something that fucked/gorgeous when I was a kid, yeah.

now I'm tired. just had a meeting. fortunately there was coffee beforehand and cigarettes after, and plus it wasn't all that bad, as it turns out. yeah.

my computers are both fucked. one motherboard died, the other is doing that shit where you try to boot it but instead it makes infuriating noises and angrily flashes the little light that's supposed to strobe sensuously. this is not ok.

I did talk to vicki yesterday after like 10 billion years tho, and that is ok. thanks to friendster, no less. can't complain there.

too tried to really type an entry. had other things to say but guess what? I forgot 'em. my apologies. oh yeah I was going to go on about typecon2003 and how it was the illest nerdfest ever but no, you should just go scope laura's pictures which actually includes some of my pictures, so yeah. much more later. word life.