Date: 2003-08-14
Time: 11:58 a.m.

fucked dreams en extremis last night, but I don't remember too much of them. long and protracted sequences about moving into a dorm and having to deal with a roommate trouble all over again. there was a part where jesse and I almost got into a fight regarding whether MplayerOSX was better than VLC for watching divx movies. in another part, I told premiere about the part in 'sex style' where kool keith says something to the effect of 'everyone [in new york city] is just trying to be premiere' and he thought this was just hillarious. there was other divx stuff as well, like real technical wank shit, involving phrases like 'post-process deblocking' and 'trellis quantization'. I shit you not.

tomorrow the rpi new site will be finished. I'll post the link here at that time. I will not sleep before its done, so don't watch this space if you don't like crackhead geek rambling. anyone who's ever read this page will note that I used THE EXACT SAME BIG FINGER and did THE EXACT SAME INTRUSIVE ROLLOVER SHIT with it except that it's orange. whatever. you'll see. word.

also I got a new computer cuz my fucking computer started seriously dying on me right before I finished the site. I got the bigass 17 inch powerbook, and it's just retarded, I mean couldn't they have given them names or something?? talking about how big your computer is, in inches, is not something geeks need to be doing at all whatsoever. it's just gross. in honor of this I called the hard drive 'PHALLOMETRIC', a lovely word I gleaned from good ol' mr. franzen.

after all this work-related crack is said and done I'm going to need a major vacation. please send me a round-trip, first-class ticket to tokyo, reykjavik, london, or melbourne. also please stuff the envelope with excessive amounts of the relevant currency. also rub my feet and eyelids, please. thankyou.

also maybe I'll fix this retarded page so it a) doesn't look thoroughly busted in safari and b) doesn't immediately resemble the site I am on the verge of finishing off. yup. when biting your own styles, always cover your tracks. that's my motto. word life.