Date: 2003-09-17
Time: 2:13 a.m.

some total fuck on ebay just 'accedentally' bought my car. "sorry", he says, "I didn't mean to click 'buy it now'. haha!" well you and your retarded error just cost me the $60 listing fee, you jerkoff. normally, I might be tolerant of such an error, but this is on top of TWO SEPARATE AND DISTINCT UTTER BITCHES who contacted me about this exact car and SWORE to me they would buy it, only to have me show up at the exact appointed tradeoff time and place, keys and title in hand, and have them both NOT SHOW.

what utter bullshit is this, I ask you?? I have never wanted to kill my fellow humans any more than now, in the midst of selling this damned car. what the fuck. I NEVER PULL THIS SHIT. if I deem to engage in a transaction with an individual (nay, or anyone who isn't a mammoth, burgeoning, hideous corporation) I have this niggling little desire to respect their status as a HUMAN FUCKING BEING. not so with the two separate and distinct non-car-buying bitches. and now this fuckballs asshole. SORRY! YOUR SIXTY BUCKS DOWN THE TUBES! HAHAHAHA! I hereby swear to god that if ANY of these absolute shithead cockforging dicknoses ever crosses my path with my foreknowledge, I will KILL THEM. like seriously KILL. all that kill shit. eusophagus: gone. spleen: I'll eat it. what the fuck ever. I want them DEAD.


ok yeah. I'm going to bed. more later when I have some sort of non-flagrantly-pissed-off-and-murderous emotion to express. fuck you. talk later. bye.