Date: 2003-12-02
Time: 3:14 p.m.

"tiny vessels" by death cab for cutie is a sad song.

"rjyan kidwell's funeral" by cex is a sad song.

"green arrow" by yo la tengo is a sad song.

"no more options" by mellowdrone is a sad song.

"god only knows" by cornelius is a sad song.

"last good sleep" by company flow is a sad song.

"no woman no cry" by bob marley, as remixed by the fugees, is a sad song, I think.

"this shit" by jesse makes me cry, sometimes.

"names" by cat power is a sad song.

anything by elliott smith at this point is a sad song, obviously.

"tall" by dub tractor is a sad song.

that retardedly boom bip/doseone song about the mannequin trap door shit is kinda sad.

"heliosphan" by aphex twin is kinda sad.

"four-day interval" by tortiose is kinda sad.

"telephone call from istambul" by tom waits is kinda sad in a way I can't exactly put my finger on (vís a vis the rest of his music which is pretty straightforward w/r/t sadness content).

the "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" soundtrack is sad.

I am sure the soundtrack to "pieces of april" would have me in some sort of teary-eyed fit, if such a thing existed and was played for me.

"let me watch" by mf doom, aka viktor vaughn, is a sad song.

"the heat is on" axel f remix by ten and tracer is a sad song.

I would say that "there there" by radiohead is a sad song except it's a bit too abstract and weird, really.

"heaven and hell" by raekwon is a sad song.

"biscuit" by portishead is a sad song.

"the last broadcast" by the doves is a sad song.

it's fucking wintertime again, bleah.