Date: 2003-12-25
Time: 2:39 p.m.

this is what you do when your train is 2 hours late, and you're stuck at the station: get a copy of 'the economist' from the newsstand. then lock yourself in the bathroom stall and read the WHOLE THING to yourself in the voice of the baby from 'family guy'. the hours will fly by, I'm telling you.

yeah, so merry fucking christmas, yes yes yes. I'm jewish so tonight I light candles with my 'family', cuz I'm 'home' with them. I got to get acela xpress tickets on someone elses' tab so I'm going back and forth to new york at a very high rate a few times this week. I like that shit.

this time of year generally makes me want to just die, what with the lack of sunlight and all. bleah.

ok now going to eat the living shit out of some dill havarti. wordup. enjoy your shit.