Date: 2004-01-15
Time: 12:51 p.m.

yo, normally I don't use this space to go on about internet bullshit, cuz I mean who cares, but this is some hot shit right here: in case you are otherwise unaware, warp records just opened an online store that has NONE of that bullshit DRM. as in they just sell you mp3s with no fake restrictions. I tell you this cuz my formative years were spent inside headfones with a walkman mix tape on that had no less than 80% warp records music on it, and so if you really really care about me like you tell me you do, you will care about this too.

there it is. word. now I'm exporting my entire portfolio to hirez TIFF for printing on slides, which I have never done before. the process will cost me about $250, and as I have never seen this before I have no idea what it will all fucking look like, meaning there is a good chance that I will punch the wall and scream about how that $250 could have been a whoooole lot of food. plus no grad skool. maybe. we shall see. bleah.

also 'grave of the fireflies' is the saddest, most heartwrenchingest cartoon made by humans anywhere, at any time. don't see it even tho it's gorgeous. like holy shit.

ok yeah. email me if you ever want to drive across the country via U.S. route 6, from california to cape cod. that would be nice. just let me know. yeah.