Date: 2004-02-26
Time: 1:54 a.m.

ok so I only have six words for you, and they are: GHOST IN THE SHELL STANDALONE COMPLEX. there you go. that's it, really. having watched the whole first season of this freakishly fantastic shit, I am well on my way to becoming a total, utter dorkface but I don't care. I DON'T CARE! cuz this show has everything:

  • robot humans killing the living fuck out of one another
  • insane vector smiley faces that come out of nowhere to mess up your whole game
  • intelligent tanks that know a shitload more critical theory than most RPI Arts professors
  • non-hollywood plots and themes that actually can move you to tears, and it's a fucking CARTOON
  • seriously hot chicks

... AND MORE!!! that only, like, scratches the surface. sorry to babble on but I enjoyed that shit thoroughly, and maybe you should too. most people I talk to seem to fall into one of two distinct camps w/r/t anime: those who can't get past the fact that it's a bunch of gigantic-eyed freak cartoon characters, and those who write "fan fiction". I think I sort of straddle the line, cuz some of the shit out there is seriously shit, like literally, but then every so often something like this comes along and melts my eyeballs right out of my skull like that, yes.

anyway but yeah. I've become so much of a nerd lately it just boggles the mind. I stay in my houe and read books all the time. sometimes I come up with exciting new ways to program a computer. I might write a story or draw a picture. mostly, tho, I avoid my fellow humans like the plague and daydream about how rad it would be to have a cybernetic brain interface and/or a glock. it's pathetic but also gorgeous in its own way, trust me, it is.

anyway I should also tell you that [name of college I applied to] called my ass back for an interview, which is some hot shit considering most people do not get called back for an interview and instead have their applications burned en masse and then pissed on by the cackling members of the admissions comittee. yes. so I will be going to [urban location of said college] the friday after this, to talk about how fricking awesome I am. this will be difficult because I can only remember one time when I genuinely believed myself to be fricking awesome, and it was when I had three tabs of some serious acid in me. so yeah no we shall see, but in the meantime I'm feeling just fine, basically, yeah.

so yeah that's the motherfucking deal. take or leave. it's all true. more to come, I'm sure, oh yes, you watch.