Date: 2004-03-05
Time: 9:32 a.m.

postmoderinism can totally get the dick. it's bullshit. that's really all I have to say on the subject right now. modernism is fucking awesome. two of my favorite people these days are maya lin and rem koolhaas, and they're both modernists. well maybe they would disagree with me on this characterization, but fuck them. they're both modernists and they're both FUCKING AWESOME. In fact, they should go get married, cuz then they could have super badass modernist kids. That would rule.

I mean seriously. What has postmodernism done for YOU lately??? YES I’M TALKING TO YOU, CRAIG WHITTAKER. YOU TOO, KUNSTLER. you’re all bunch of jerkoffs with nothing to do but compile windbagathon rants that fail to help the situation. At least michael sorkin got off his fat postmodern ass and started his "michael sorkin studios"… hahahaha. a step in the right direction, maybe when you knock out a building that doesn’t COMPLETELY SUCK I’ll forgive you for "variations on a theme park" and the rest of your confoundingly prolix diatribes.

the problem, see, is that when people think ‘modernism’, they think "robert moses", they think "brazilia", they think of the shithouse building they’re forced to send their 10 year old kid to for public school. Yeah yeah yeah. I would submit that the real good modernist shit got perverted by a bunch of overzealous, wet-behind-the-ears POSTMODERNISTS who fucked it all up. In fact I wrote a big fat paper about this in my undergraduate days, which I'll refrain from reproducing here because it’s quite obviously a product of my own retardo neophyte shit. But I digress.

I hate to bring this sort of cheesy bullshit pseudo-hippie college-dorm philosophy into the picture but I think the whole deal is very well summed up by what that first academic dude said in "waking life", the guy who was talking about sartre and whatnot. The whole bit about how postmodernism basically equals a whole exciting new way to completely deny responsibility for how fucked up the world is, by ranting about it with monstrous, ungainly words. and so yeah. The more I think about it, the madder I get… the more I want to go get my megaphone and call BULLSHIT! on all of postmodernism. that's right. you heard it here first. fuck all that shit, right now. yesssir.

anyway yeah now I'm in a hotel in [a city] eating a bunch of room service breakfast, about to go off to my fucking interview at [big nice grad program]. wish me all that luck, yo, if you got it to spare. also this tuesday I got fucking ACCEPTED into [other awesome grad program] so ROCK!!!! YES!!! I have a FUTURE, after all!!!!!!! yo. word. ok. more omlette please. later!