Date: 2002-07-11
Time: 3:58 pm

I'm frigging tired. my ex-girlfriend from LA called me again and she's going to be in the 'capital district' sometime soon and so I will make sure to be elsewhere. I'm playing a show this saturday on rooseveldt island that might not suck. my new cellular fone's battery is very very good. the secret rooms in my apartment look really cool but are irritating to shoot video in cuz you can't fully stand up, what with the low cielings and all, so you have to constantly drink beer. I should really call lots of people and send emails and generally pull my head out of my ass but instead I'm updating my online journal. if I don't get access to a computer with a functional copy of illustrator on it soon I'll puke. I bought the 'akira' special edition dvd and so now hopefully I'm on my way to becoming an anime nerd. the sort of misanthropic antisocial sentiments I'm currently harboring are new and different in that currently, I don't really *hate* people per se, I'm just fully content not to deal with them at all whatsoever. at 5:45 pm today I have a meeting with an optometrist wherein I'm going to discuss the possibility of having laser beams shot into my eyeballs. I need new sneakers pretty badly. in case you, the reader, were curious, my feelings about new york city and my corresponding opinions on the 'capital district' haven't changed, I'm just seriously puke-up sick about going on about it all. facial hair is not for everyone. you know that your friends are cool when they not only allow but encourage you to videotape them wearing a radiation suit and gas mask getting dirt dumped on their head, all for artistic purposes. the thing about having a car is: it makes me want to drive drive drive. when the weather gets too hot to facilitate sleep I like to go out on my rooftop with headfones playing kool keith and sing along. I think maybe 'll start to like people again when I get my laptop back, which is a fucked up thing to think I know. I haven't written any code for about a week and I don't miss it, cuz code sucks. the rpi arts network sysadmin likes to come into my office on speed and tell me his life story several times over with commentary. it worries me that getting older might mean becoming more solipsistic, but the corrolary concern I have is that getting older might mean losing self-awareness, and they're both sort of quietly terrifying. not seeing people everyday on the subway can completely eliminate your fashion sensibilities, it would seem. it's a shame that in order to experience the gorgeous suffusion of my apartment with early-morning sunshine, I have to stay up all night engaging in some sort of supremely cracked-out behaviour. maybe also I wouldn't hate people if I didn't have to deal with the same humans pretty much every fucking day. I'm going to stay at Z's place this weekend in new york, for the first time since 2001 ended, which will hopefully be non-weird and cat-enriched. my rent check bounced so I might be in some sort of trouble with my landlord. I think today I'll leave early and eat cookies and read hermann miller and get fat, for a nice change of pace. smell you later.