Date: 2002-08-11
Time: 1:43 p.m.

man oh man. I was having a serious blast on the way back from new york this weekend. top down, sun setting, shuttle 358 on the stereo, speed-o-meter needle planted defiantly at 83 w/ no po-po's in sight... everything superducky, right? but then, 40 miles out of troy, all sorts of lights on the otherwise polite dashboard start going APESHIT. like 'battery' and 'coolant' and shit like that. I pull over and open the hood up and there's steam and coolant everywhere and I have a horrid flashback to the 1st horrid volvo problem, which also involved coolant going everywhere, and this generally spoiled my extremly superlative mood all around.

so then after that there was a state trooper, and a polite but gruff towtruck guy, and cellfone calls to the insurance company (who provide 'roadside assistance' which consists of telling me that maybe in 4 weeks they can pay me back for part of the $250 tow bill), and general misery and forlorn glances at the grill of my little car bobbing along behind the towtruck, illuminated by the flashing lights.

in theory I won't have to pay for shit: the insurance will get most of the tow bill, as I mentioned, and there's a warranty for the car itself, but this is some seriously bad timing. I'm trying to get to new york these days more than ever, for various reasons, and plus my mom's coming up this next weekend so we can do a video piece, and obviously I'll have to drive her all over the place cuz she ain't driving her 15-year-old toyota over to troy. bleah. it's all wack.

so now I'm sitting in my office on a sunday morning, w/ no laptop and no car and serious logistic maneuvering ahead of me. fun fun fun. and plus through it all I'm trying to do the good work for the 'a/v battle royal' this tuesday. it's a good deal, that bit: if I surround myself w/ vector graphics and timelines and export dialogs, I can forget about the raging conundrums I've got on my plate.

WORD LIFE. I hope yr doing well yrself. I think I'll hold off on updating until I have something that works, be it a laptop, a car, or whatever. just something that works. real basic shit here. yes. yes yes.