Date: 2003-09-22
Time: 11:34 p.m.

I need to make me a list:

  • the first person who tells me at which website I might securely and cheaply purchase bulk quantitles of green tea in a can will instantly become my best friend ever.
  • I haven't slept well in weeks.
  • I like eating vegemite spread onto rice crackers even though it sort of tastes like pure evil.
  • the number of magazine articles I've read that contain the line "that all changed on september 11, 2001" can no longer be counted on the digits I was born with.
  • my mom is sick again.
  • my supplies of scotch tape, toilet paper, laundry detergent and fresh fruit are all at all-time lows but what do I primarily get when I go buy shit? used books. that's retarded.
  • I think I'm going to consciously stop consuming alcohol for at least one month. I have already quit smoking for three weeks. I miss it sorely.
  • everyone has more usb 2.0 ports than I do.
  • I should call my brother.
  • tonight, after I return the piles of video shit I employed this past weekend to the equipment room at work, I'm going to watch shaolin soccer again, but that's only if I can't sleep, but lately that seems to be the way shit goes down here, so bleah, yeah, might as well enjoy the living shit out of a movie, and plus the cvs version of vlc actually outlines subtitles in black now, so that will be nice.
  • I'm training myself to type fast using only my right hand. it's sort of working out, thus far.
  • you could play 'black on both sides' by mos def all day and I would never ask you to turn it off, ever.
  • if I don't find someone to buy the car soon I am going to have a bona fide aneurysm.
  • rpi has a subscription to the oed online, so if I use their vpn I can rock that shit whenever the whim strikes, which is ill.
  • the bklyn bookstore I go to did not have any more of the sparkly-covered kids' book yoshitomo nara illustrated for banana yoshimoto, which sucked, cuz I wanted it, cuz hey I'm in a serious kids' book kind of mood these days.
  • I'm very tired right now. I tend to repeat myself erroneously when I'm tired.
  • I demoed the arts sites' blog features today for this one class early this morning and it was kind of surreal to wake up after 3 hours of shitty sleep and run up a hill and stand in front of a bunch of undergraduates while sweat stains formed on my shirt and talk about how to type shit into a text box in a web form. I did have coffee so it wasn't all that bad but yeah.
  • I have never had a job where I wasn't working directly with either computers or coffee beverages.
  • french toast is fucking awesome.
  • two great insults you can use are to call someone 'facehole' or 'oraface', cuz they both sound incredibly dirty but technically, lexically, they ain't.
  • 'lost in translation' is a great movie because it's simple and the characters in it move through the plot in straightforward vectors that would come across as one-dimentional if the plot had some sort of typical hollywoodesque arc, which it does not, and therefore it hangs together simple like that. when I first came out of the movie my first thought was 'that movie had the beautiful simplicity of something like oragami' and then my second thought was 'there is no way you could ever tell anyone that cuz they'll be like, "haha you retard, you just think it was like oragami cuz it was, like, about japan and shit, what an uncultured bafoon you are"' and so I lay this whole collection of opinions and recollections all at your feet, right now, online, so that you might see that I thought about the whole thing in a more holistic manner than a topical survey of my conclusion would potentilally yeild. yeah.
  • "harpers" has a prettier grid system, with much better negative space, than "the new yorker" does.
  • I am going to sleep late tomorrow.

  • -fish